T-Mobile G1 on a reasonable tariff

Ordered a G1 today from T-Mobile. Although the web site has not been updated yet, you can get it on a reasonable tariff if you ring them.  I opted for the Combi £15 plus the obligatory £5 web’n’walk plus – On this tariff it only costs £99.99 upfront for the phone.

Options available according to the details they gave me were:

Tariff                    Monthly  Phone cost   
Combi15 + WebWalkPlus     £20      £99.99
Combi25 + WebWalkPlus     £30      £69.99
Combi30 + WebWalkPlus     £35      £49.99


It’s Severed Fifth Release day….

severedfifthJono, former LugRadio presenter has ventured into proving that the Music Industry’s current business model is not the model of the future.  He aims to prove that a band/musician, can utilise the marketing power of the internet, Creative Commons Sampling+ License, and a completely different revenue model and be successful.

Jono is Severed Fifth, “a music project designed to explore how far a musician can take his music with the new economics of the music industry.”

The first Album, “Denied by Reign” is available today, and I encourage you to download the album, listen and if you like what you hear, support Jono and as a thank you for his excellent contribution to the audio world buy something from his store. (I assume it will be up and
running on the release day, otherwise he’s made a mistake in his business model).



ManDVD DVD Creation and video conversion for Linux

mandvd-300x218Found this absolute gem of a utility for Fedora and Debian based linux. ManDVD allows you to add avi’s, mpegs, divx, etc to a DVD project, create a Menu and build / write the DVD. The user interface is so easy to use, probably easier than some of the windows solutions out there. It’s free and it’s available on softpedia here and also on

For a full walkthrough and to see how easy it is, checkout the article at dvd-guides.



Ubuntu Hardy and Synergy Client

I have been having problems with synergy client (synergyc) since upgrading to hardy. The mouse and keyboard stutter, at what seems random intervals. There is a bug filed, and the current work around is to run synergyc as root.

I normally have an icon short cut to synergyc on my toolbar. I changed this to run sudo synergyc, not forgetting to change the run type from Application to Application in Terminal so you can enter the root password when prompted. The terminal window disappears after entering the password so it’s not a very irritating workaround.


Apple Safari License Compliance Kit

apple-cut-hereLast week, Apple chose in “Microsoft style” to enforce all users that have ITunes / quicktime installed on their windows machine to as default install the latest version of Apple’s Safari browser as part of the latest updates. The more humorous part of this ordeal, not with standing having the browser forced upon you was the amendment to to license agreement, that the software can only be used on “a single Apple-labeled computer at a time”.

To ensure that all you windows users, still comply with the license agreement for Safari, even though you don’t actually want it I have created the Apple Safari License Compliance Kit.

  1. Download the picture to the right.
  2. Print it on a sticky label.
  3. Cut carefully along the dotted line (ask your mother for safety scissors if needed)
  4. Stick onto your laptop / pc.

For more information see the register article


Use Google Earth to find long lost friends

I still can’t quite believe this worked, on the 8th of May 2006, I was browsing around The Hague in google earth, trying to work out where I lived when I was seconded over there for 6 months whilst working at shell. Whilst there, I spent a lot of time with a colleague called Erik, whom I lost touch with after both he and I left Shell.  So I thought I would try something, working on the basis that people look at the past places they have been and lived, stuck a google earth community pin on top of where I remembered his house, asking if he still lived there and he could contact me via

Yesterday, I got a comment on my web site from Erik, and he left his email address, so we are now in contact again after some 13 or 14 years.  I look forward to finding out what he has been up to, especially as he has now moved to Brooklyn, if it was not for google earth I probably would not have been able to contact him.

Result… Thanks Erik for taking the time to contact me.


Jailbreak causing Apple to loose money… Apparently!

Whilst browsing the net today in search of progress of the 1.1.3 jailbreak I came across a site with various comments from people wishing to downgrade after mistakenly upgrading to 1.1.3. On this site was a comment from a guy who’s brother works at apple. Well would you believe it, apple are loosing money and their share price has dropped $10 because of the jailbreak.

I fail to see how they can be loosing money. If anything they are making more money as they have realised that people want to use their touch for more than music so they are making 20$ from upgrades to get the basic iPhone apps. So they are quids in there. If there was not a jailbreak apple would not have seen the demand for the iPhone apps on the touch and realised they could make some more money.

Apple are just another microsoft produce something with great potential then do everything they can to duck it up justso they can make a little more money. As far as I am concerned paying £200 for an iPod is sufficient money to pay apple. I mean everybody i know has one if not more than one. Is that not enough apple?

So I wish all my success to the jailbreak team, crack 1.1.3.