Return to Sender

Following the success of the online story composition of “Snakes on a Plane”, I am proud to announce the next collaborative movie “Return to Sender”.


Our friendly American Postal worker, a happy and go lucky chappie adored by all his customers is happily delivering him mail one morning.  He looks into his bag to find a brown paper package, which under closer observation, is ticking. He hadn’t noticed that before.  The package is split slightly, exposing a couple of wires and a numerical display counting down. It currently reads 9 hours 11 minutes.

Suspecting he is carrying a terrorist bomb, Postie (name to be decided) examines (gently) the package further to find that the postal regulation required return address is printed on a neat metallic sticker (with flowers embossed in the corner).

At that moment, Postie decides… He will Return to Sender….


Scene Padding

Carrying a potentially live bomb is probably not the most sensible thing to do, especially considering the day Postie is having. During his efforts to return to sender, Postie has a car accident, crashing his postal van into the back of a school bus, carrying disabled kids on a day trip to the zoo.  Fearing for their lives, he jumps from the speeding postal van, cascading down the embankment on to the freeway…

Will he survive the onslaught of traffic ? Will he survive the jump ? Will he manage to Return to Sender before the counter reaches zero and give them a taste of their own medicine ?


You decide…..


Please add any plot suggestions to the comments.


Buxton Raceway

Took the kids to Buxton Raceway on Bank Holiday Monday.  It’s a fantastic afternoon out. Adults £11 kids under 8 free, which worked out great for me.  As well as Formula 2 Stock Car racing, Super Bangers and Hot rods, they had a 10 car jump.  I was really chuffed with the pictures I took, so posted below….


Click the above image for a larger view.

Buxton Raceway is just off the Leek road near Buxton, UK: