GDI+ Controls (Delphi)

The GDI+ Controls allow you to implement controls that draw themselves using GDI+ rather that the normal windows GDI. In addition there are a few helper controls as well.


A TWincontrol descendant with a GDI+ Canvas. This is used to descend new controls utilising GDI+ rather than the standard GDI (TCustomControl)


A component similar to the delphi TPaintbox, but providing a GDI+ canvas and on Paint event instead.


A Color preview box, that renders a chequered background so you can see the Alpha-level of the color as well.


A simple font selection Combo-box that populates it’s list from the GDI+ registered fonts.

TGDIPColorSelector / TColorSelectorDialog

A HSV and RGB Colour selector with support for specifying the Alpha value and returning a TGPColor.


A VirtualTree based drop down image browser for selection of an image from a directory or sub-directories.


Various helper functions including

  • MaintainAspect – Fits a Rectangle into another maintaining the aspect-ratio and allowing centering
  • MakeRects that conver between TRect and TGPRect
  • GPColorToColor – Convert a GDI+ Color to a TColor
  • ColorAsHTML – Convert a GDI+ Colot ot it’s html representation.

GDI+ Controls are released as Freeware and GDI+Controls .

THE GDI+ Controls require some third-party libraries to compile and run:

GDI+ API wrapper by or download from gdiplus

HSV Library by or download from HSV Library

You might want to get the latest versions from the original sites. Please honour their respective licensing.

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