Some of the most beautiful fonts on the web for Free

I recently came across which IMHO is the best free font resource on the web, the planet, and possibly the whole universe… For years I have used as the place to get fonts, which does indeed have thousands. However GRsites only has navigation by font name and it has become slow and in comparison to fontspace in clumbersome.  Fontspace, not only tags each font, but you can choose the preview text and size tthat you want to the view fonts in.  Have a good look round and you’ll never want for a font again.


NNSA & IBM build super super computer

I read today in Linux Format that IBM are working with the US National Nuclear Security Administration to build a super computer with the following specs: 20 petaflops of processing power, 1.6 petabytes of memory and 1.6 million processing cores ! It will be 10 times more powerful than the current fastest super computer. I am all for super computers but working with the organisation responsible for the USAs nuclear defence is just silly in my book. Have they not seen the films? I am surprised the project is not called Skynet.


Thecus N2100 replacement fan

The fan on my Thecus N2100 is getting a bit noisy. I am sure it is starting to fail. Trying to get hold of a new one is a nightmare. However, I have eventually found a potential replacement at I will let you know if it all works.

UPDATE: The above fan from works a treat. Fits perfectly (had to tie up the cable to keep it neat and tidy as it is a bit long). It’s brushless, very quiet, has the right connector and works with the two speed settings in the thecus admin interface, even reporting the RPMs. It was a £8 gamble and it paid off 🙂


G1 thoughts…

I’ve had my g1 since xmas, santa was kind enough to bring me one. I love it. Ever since playing with the emulator in a two week of effort to submit an application for the competition, i have loved the os’s simplicity. It is a fantastic os, thought out and designed well from the outset. It is designed to be multi-lingual, multi-device and the choice to make it opensourced was inspired.
This is becoming more and more apparent everyday as we see android running on existing and new devices with comparitively little change and effort.
Eeepc, nokia tablets, and some great new devices at the latest tech shows mean that android is here to stay.

Android is going to be the iphone killer, i can guarantee that. The iphone took at least a year to get flash video playback and there is talk of an adobe port of flash to android being in progress. We wont even mention the lack of picture messaging or copy and paste….

So far the bit of android development i have done, in java which is a whole lot easier than c in my opinion has been fun. I just need to find more time to code or get a new job. Oh how i would love a job writing android apps….. somewhere hot with a good broadband connection…..


T-Mobile G1 on a reasonable tariff

Ordered a G1 today from T-Mobile. Although the web site has not been updated yet, you can get it on a reasonable tariff if you ring them.  I opted for the Combi £15 plus the obligatory £5 web’n’walk plus – On this tariff it only costs £99.99 upfront for the phone.

Options available according to the details they gave me were:

Tariff                    Monthly  Phone cost   
Combi15 + WebWalkPlus     £20      £99.99
Combi25 + WebWalkPlus     £30      £69.99
Combi30 + WebWalkPlus     £35      £49.99


It’s Severed Fifth Release day….

severedfifthJono, former LugRadio presenter has ventured into proving that the Music Industry’s current business model is not the model of the future.  He aims to prove that a band/musician, can utilise the marketing power of the internet, Creative Commons Sampling+ License, and a completely different revenue model and be successful.

Jono is Severed Fifth, “a music project designed to explore how far a musician can take his music with the new economics of the music industry.”

The first Album, “Denied by Reign” is available today, and I encourage you to download the album, listen and if you like what you hear, support Jono and as a thank you for his excellent contribution to the audio world buy something from his store. (I assume it will be up and
running on the release day, otherwise he’s made a mistake in his business model).