G1 thoughts…

I’ve had my g1 since xmas, santa was kind enough to bring me one. I love it. Ever since playing with the emulator in a two week of effort to submit an application for the competition, i have loved the os’s simplicity. It is a fantastic os, thought out and designed well from the outset. It is designed to be multi-lingual, multi-device and the choice to make it opensourced was inspired.
This is becoming more and more apparent everyday as we see android running on existing and new devices with comparitively little change and effort.
Eeepc, nokia tablets, and some great new devices at the latest tech shows mean that android is here to stay.

Android is going to be the iphone killer, i can guarantee that. The iphone took at least a year to get flash video playback and there is talk of an adobe port of flash to android being in progress. We wont even mention the lack of picture messaging or copy and paste….

So far the bit of android development i have done, in java which is a whole lot easier than c in my opinion has been fun. I just need to find more time to code or get a new job. Oh how i would love a job writing android apps….. somewhere hot with a good broadband connection…..


T-Mobile G1 on a reasonable tariff

Ordered a G1 today from T-Mobile. Although the web site has not been updated yet, you can get it on a reasonable tariff if you ring them.  I opted for the Combi £15 plus the obligatory £5 web’n’walk plus – On this tariff it only costs £99.99 upfront for the phone.

Options available according to the details they gave me were:

Tariff                    Monthly  Phone cost   
Combi15 + WebWalkPlus     £20      £99.99
Combi25 + WebWalkPlus     £30      £69.99
Combi30 + WebWalkPlus     £35      £49.99