Jailbreak causing Apple to loose money… Apparently!

Whilst browsing the net today in search of progress of the 1.1.3 jailbreak I came across a site with various comments from people wishing to downgrade after mistakenly upgrading to 1.1.3. On this site was a comment from a guy who’s brother works at apple. Well would you believe it, apple are loosing money and their share price has dropped $10 because of the jailbreak.

I fail to see how they can be loosing money. If anything they are making more money as they have realised that people want to use their touch for more than music so they are making 20$ from upgrades to get the basic iPhone apps. So they are quids in there. If there was not a jailbreak apple would not have seen the demand for the iPhone apps on the touch and realised they could make some more money.

Apple are just another microsoft produce something with great potential then do everything they can to duck it up justso they can make a little more money. As far as I am concerned paying £200 for an iPod is sufficient money to pay apple. I mean everybody i know has one if not more than one. Is that not enough apple?

So I wish all my success to the jailbreak team, crack 1.1.3.

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