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Getting the power button on the BBS2 to shutdown ubuntu

Nice and simple:

sudo apt-get install acpid

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Interesting blog entries on Ubuntu installation with the BBS2, thinking of getting one of these devices myself. Wondered if you’d ever considered running ZFS. I understand that currently under Linux, ZFS-Fuse is the only option which doesn’t run as part of the kernel so will have a performance impact. Just like the idea of using a file system such as ZFS for storage management and file recovery. I think the only option currently though would be Solaris or FreeBSD for native ZFS support (ok OSX server).

I would love to run ZFS, if only it was in the ubuntu kernel as you say. There are rumours that it might make it some day. I would have gone for FreeBSD or even solaris but I have had no experience with them and that was a bit too risky for my requirements.

ZFS is the file system of the future…. you could make a lot of money with a nice web based UI, zfs and a BBS2 it would be an instant drobo killer…

I’ve got a BBS2 running and your blog has been an interesting read. Have you had any network issues with yours? Large transfers of data via Samba result in some odd form of network lockup where the machine just disappears from the network but is still fine via the console 🙁 No panics or kernel warnings visible.

Yes, I did have network problems. Hardy defaulted to using the rt8169 kernel module, which doesn’t seem to work and I ended up with millions of dropped packets. I installed the rt8168 kernel module instead and have a much more stable network. Even with the rt8168 I did come across a problem that when copying large files (100Mb +) from a vista machine via samba OVER Wifi (wired worked ok)(copying in linux and XP works ok) where it would just stop.
However, looking at the wireless router’s logs, I get WPA Errors when transferring large files and the router completely disconnects ALL wireless clients for about a minute.
I had attributed it to my bebox router, but if you are having similar problems then maybe it’s the BBS2.

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