Pixel Image Editor – like Photoshop CS2 and cross platform too

So you want a cross platform Adobe Photo Shop that runs on linux ? Then look no further for an application that is at least as functional as CS2.

Pixel Image Editor

Pixel is running following platforms now: Windows, Linux/x86,
Linux/PPC, Linspire, Zeta/BeOS/x86, QNX/x86, FreeBSD/x86, MacOSX/PPC
and MacOSX/x86, MorphOS/PPC, eComStation, OS/2, SkyOS and DOS.

At the moment as it’s still pre v1.0 (not that you would know) it costs only $38!!!! with free upgrades up to version 2.0 and the license to run on any platform

Having used photo shop the interface feels totally natural. Everying is set out similar and there a few nice enhancements as well.

Some of the features:


  • Pixel is an extremely small and fast application
  • it is easy to translate to any language as it supports full
    Unicode, all available translations are available at once (English,
    German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Slovak, Croatian, Swedish, Polish,
    Russian, Hungarian, Afrikaans, Brazilian Portuguese and others)
  • supports TWAIN compatible scanners, digital cameras
  • supports SANE compatible scanners, digital cameras and others (Linux, BeOS, eComStation)
  • pressure sensitive tablets support
  • printing support
  • multiple color managed clipboards
  • various image formats handling (GIF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PSD…)
  • support for JPEG-2000 format
  • support for OpenEXR format
  • EXIF support

Image editing

  • support for layers, paths, channels, masks and selections
  • Color Management support for RGB, CMYK, Grayscale and CIE Lab modes (8-bit and 16-bit)
  • support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) images with 32-bit/channel
    precision, HDR images in Pixel are editable in full HDR quality, not in
    8-bit RGB as in competiting programs
  • realtime live effects for layers (adjustments, effects), sets of live effects can be saved as layer Styles
  • image browsing and searching
  • powerful text editing with spellchecking and support for IME/XIM (Asian languages)


  • includes variety of brushes, including full-color brushes and animated brushes
  • brush retouching tools including special effects
  • retouching set of filter plug-ins

Web features

  • complex support for image slicing and image optimizations (GIF, PNG, JPEG, WBMP)
  • direct editing of generated HTML code without destroying user’s additions
  • support for clickable maps
  • support for small animations for your web pages (animated GIFs)

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Or use GIMP – which is entirely free. There are very few image manipulation processes you can’t do with GIMP.

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