Royal Mail are still promoting killing trees

Junk Mail, I hate it.  My own personal view is to never buy anthing from any company that posted unsolicited mail through my post box.  I take my hat off to the Mail Preference service (MPS), which after registration with them a couple of years ago, has cut the amount of Junk Mail that I receive, but the latest “get round” for compainies is to pay Royal mail to deliver junk mail unaddressed with my other mail. 

This completely negates the great work that the MPS do and in my opinion is a disgusting policy adopted by Royal Mail.  If I wanted the stuff I wouldn’t have registered with MPS.  What gives Royal Mail the right to deliver unsolicited items where other companies that honour the MPS lists loose out.

I wonder if there is an online petition or something.  If you know how to stop Royal Mail delivering this rubbish please let me know.