Use Google Earth to find long lost friends

I still can’t quite believe this worked, on the 8th of May 2006, I was browsing around The Hague in google earth, trying to work out where I lived when I was seconded over there for 6 months whilst working at shell. Whilst there, I spent a lot of time with a colleague called Erik, whom I lost touch with after both he and I left Shell.  So I thought I would try something, working on the basis that people look at the past places they have been and lived, stuck a google earth community pin on top of where I remembered his house, asking if he still lived there and he could contact me via

Yesterday, I got a comment on my web site from Erik, and he left his email address, so we are now in contact again after some 13 or 14 years.  I look forward to finding out what he has been up to, especially as he has now moved to Brooklyn, if it was not for google earth I probably would not have been able to contact him.

Result… Thanks Erik for taking the time to contact me.